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Collectors worldwide now collect STORM, and letters from collectors are very welcome as they play a part in inspiring the team at STORM. Some of the letters and pictures are very quirky, a bit like the products, and it’s always interesting to know which watches have made the biggest impact on the collector.

We are always looking for collectors to feature on our website. If you are featured, you will win one of our STORM collector’s books, and the overall winner will also win a STORM watch. Please email us a picture of you and/or your collection, telling us which was your first watch, why/when you started collecting, which is your favourite and also how many watches you own.

Ensure your name, address, including your country, and age if you wish, are on your email. We will pick the most interesting and best pictures to be featured on our site as we receive them, so email us at Collectors@StormWatches.com